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Meet Behavior Design Thinking

A powerful method and canvas to help you integrate simple and cutting-edge behavioral science with design thinking to solve business challenges and drive high-impact innovation

Used by top companies


The Behavior Design Canvas has been downloaded by individuals at top companies around the world like Deloitte, IBM, and LUMA Institute. These companies are interested in integrating behavioral science with design thinking, and it’s no surprise why.

What is Behavior Design Thinking?

Behavior Design Thinking is the first methodology to integrate cutting-edge behavioral science with design thinking to drive innovation at the product, service, and experience levels.

The philosophy of Behavior Design Thinking is that science and creative problem solving go hand in hand. By simplifying behavioral science into an easy-to-use canvas and toolbox, Behavior Design Thinking enables you to pick up the tools and start innovating right away!

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Become a Behavior Design Thinker

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Download the latest Behavior Design Thinking canvas for free!

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Participate in a Behavior Design Thinking workshop and earn the Badge!

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Start innovating right away!

Behavior Design Thinking Canvas v1.3

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Behavior Design Thinking Workshops

Master Behavior Design Thinking by participating in a behavior design thinking workshop. You will go deep with the canvas and an additional toolbox to discover the method, explore the process, and learn the tools to think like a behavioral scientist and quickly apply fundamental science to drive innovation. 

At the end of the workshop you'll be a behavior design thinking pro, and you can earn your Behavior Design Thinking badge!

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Workshop Topics


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What is Design Thinking?

Define your challenge

Identify relevant people

Empathize - Ideate - Prototype

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What is Behavior Design Thinking?

Utilize behavioral theory to understand needs (Empathize)

Use behavioral theories, biases, and effects to create solutions (Ideate)

Discover experimental designs to use in rapid testing (Prototype)

Behavioral Empathy

Understand your audience in terms of "Behavers"

Learn to use prompts from the behavioral toolbox

Categorize behaviors in the powerful COM-B system

Behavioral Ideation

Learn plug-and-play validated behavioral theories

Integrate your KPI's into the solution creation process

Become an expert at behavioral biases and use them in design

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Behavioral Prototyping

Become an expert at behavioral storyboarding

Learn how to choose your prototypes based on science

Explore the process of creating a behavioral prototype

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The Behavior Toolbox

Become an expert in simple yet effective behavioral theories

Explore and apply a wide range of behavioral biases and effects

Put yourself in the shoes of a professional behavioral prototyper

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Jameson Daines Behavioral Scientist  Design Thinker Entrepreneur


Jameson Daines is a behavioral scientist, design thinker, and entrepreneur from up and down the east coast, USA. He has two degrees in psychology, over seven years of design experience, and recently graduated from the MSc Entrepreneurship at University College London.

Jameson invented behavior design thinking, a methodology and easy-to-use canvas for integrating behavioral science into the design thinking process to drive innovation. He is the founder of Lissn, the first integrated solution for the early detection and intervention of mental illness in youth.

Custom Consulting Services


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